Tips Before Buying Sea Moss

Sea moss has been harvested since the 1800’s on the rocky shores of Ireland for numerous medicinal benefits. It is beginning to grow in popularity across the world, but Jamaica has also been utilizing sea moss in their day to day routine for many years. The people of Jamaica know the importance of sea moss and how beneficial it is, and they take pride in the products they produce. 

Sea moss is a truly nutrient-dense food; it cleanses your intestines as it passes through them on its way to your colon, allowing for good digestive health. Jamaica is well known for utilizing sea moss for sexual health and its aphrodisiac properties. Sea moss has numerous health benefits: cancer prevention, lower blood pressure, increased metabolism, improved kidney function, and so much more. Due to the endless amounts of vitamins and minerals, sea moss renews you from within. 

 Sea moss has also been proven to be an excellent source of iodine, something that is difficult to find in the modern diet. It's this lack of iodine that triggers a myriad of diseases, from osteoporosis to hypothyroidism. Purchasing your sea moss in the rawest form will give you the most benefits, but there are other great ways to utilize this alga. For example, at Blue Mahoe Organics, which is a Jamaican-based sea moss retailer, they sell their products in the raw dry form, in gels as well as extracts. 

There are a few things to consider before you buy sea moss. First, it is important to make sure the products you are buying are organic. Secondly, research where your products are coming from and how they are harvested. Finally, learn the different ways to use it and begin utilizing all of the benefits it offers. 

Is the Sea Moss Organic?

Naturally, sea moss is the algae that are found growing on the surface of rocks in the ocean. However, like many products growing in popularity, double-checking that this organic superfood is 100 percent organic is important. Most companies will display it on the products, and advertise it on their websites, but it doesn’t hurt to check with the company before making your purchase. 

Where Does it Come From?

When purchasing your sea moss products online or in-store, they should be able to tell you firsthand where they received their products. Many companies that harvest sea moss will add this information on the label of the products. Doing your research on where you decide to buy your products will give you insight into how pure and organic they truly are. 

Some companies, who like to take shortcuts, are beginning to grow sea moss in pools rather than harvesting them from their natural environment. These products may not harm you, or may not be bad for you, but they are not packed full of the nutrients and minerals you will find in the quality found in the ocean. When using sea moss for medicinal benefits, it is dire to buy from companies that not only harvest from their coastal shorelines, but that can deliver amazing products with no GMO’s or chemicals to enhance their product. 

What Does the Sea Moss Look Like?

Sea Moss can come in many different colors depending on where your retailer gets their moss, and how it is prepared. This can be dependent on the drying out process or if there are any chemicals used before packaging and selling. The most common colors of sea moss are green, black, gold, or purple. The only stand-out difference between colors is that the purple sea moss is rich in antioxidants. Regardless of the color variations, each of these species is full of vitamins and minerals essential for your overall health.  

Where Can I Buy Sea Moss Locally?

You can easily find sea moss from big retailers like Amazon or eBay, but with a risk of quality and freshness. When looking to buy the highest and purest form of this superfood, buying it from a locally sourced retailer is your best option. Locally purchased sea moss can be found in many health food stores and some grocery stores. There are also online business owners that locally source their products and keep them 100 percent organic.

By buying your sea moss locally sourced, you reduce the risk of your product sitting on shelves for months at a time losing its nutritional value. Do your research and support local small businesses like, Blue Mahoe Organics, that harvest their sea moss directly from Jamaica's coastal waters. A company passionate as this one takes great pride in delivering their products in their most pure form. 

Do your research, and learn where your products are coming from before buying the cheaper alternative.

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