Benefits of Sea Moss for Men

Benefits of Sea Moss for Men

Men and women require different vitamins and supplements in order to maintain optimal health. Sea moss is rich in many different vitamins and minerals that provide various health benefits to both mind and body.

Sea moss is known for its overall health benefits ranging from its anti-viral properties, to its natural aphrodisiac abilities. While anyone can benefit from sea moss regardless of gender, it has some amazing, unique advantages for men. 


Sea Moss for Overall Health

Sea moss is rich in vitamins and nutrients that play a key role in brain and body health. Studies have found that sea moss has a variety of prebiotic benefits. It can influence the structure of your gut microbial species and even enhance gut function. 

Studies also show that men with greater levels of bacteroides (healthy gut bacteria) in their bodies displayed very different brain function than those with less. Their brain regions associated with problem-solving and abstract information processing had more gray matter, and their hippocampi were often more functional. This means improved memory and overall brain health. 

 Sea moss contains potassium iodide which is commonly used as a medication to treat hyperthyroidism. It is also known to dissolve phlegm, which is beneficial to those dealing with seasonal allergies or battling a common cold. It also contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin C, and other antiviral properties that are helpful for fighting infections.


Increased Libido

Among the Caribbean, sea moss is popularly known as an aphrodisiac for men. Those who regularly consume sea moss say that they experience an elevated sex drive as well as increased sexual function. While there is no proven correlation between sea moss and increased libido, it does contain many vital nutrients that play a role in sex-drive. For example, sea moss is rich in zinc which has been found to increase testosterone levels. With increased testosterone levels, men may experience an improvement in erectile dysfunction, as well as sexual endurance. 


Sea Moss Increases Endurance

Along with many other essential vitamins, sea moss is also a great source of iron. Iron creates hemoglobin, protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to all parts of the body and provides oxygen to your muscles. It also plays an essential role in maintaining a balanced energy level. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, iron is correlated with major improvements to muscle endurance and stamina. 

Sea Moss is a superfood that promotes overall men’s health and wellness, as well as promotes a healthy libido and stamina. There are many different ways to consume sea moss. Whether you blend it into your smoothie, boil it into a tea, or eat the gel straight from the jar, your body will thank you for the amazing, organic nutrients. Try Blue Mahoe Organics sea moss today and feel the benefits for yourself. We know you’ll fall in love!


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